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As a long-time entrepreneur, I've had my share of business triumphs, hard knocks and pivots along the journey. There were times when I would allow my fear of another hurdle to stop me from taking action in my business, ultimately stagnating the growth of the business and moving me further away from my deepest desires instead of closer to them.

It was only when I realized that there was no one else to blame but myself for the lack of progress that I decided to do the work to fully embody my entrepreneurial role and move into uncharted territory. 

By tapping into my womanly superpowers, I shifted the way I showed up in my business. I leaned into the areas I knew would have the greatest impact on meeting my goals and I approached them in ways that felt authentic to me.

I made a lot of changes. I let go of what wasn't serving me and I made yet another pivot in my entrepreneurial journey.

Was it easy? Nope. Was it worth it? Without a doubt. 

Not only did my business momentum begin to take off but, I was happy, fulfilled, and being rewarded through my business. 

I know that there are possibilities and opportunities available to you beyond your wildest expectations. It's my mission to help you see them and have the confidence to make them yours.







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My Approach

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I believe that becoming the best version of your entrepreneurial self requires doing the work on your mindset, and beliefs as well as building your skillsets and strategic muscles. 

One thing is certain, being an entrepreneur doesn't live neatly within the "9-5". It's all-encompassing and impacts all elements of our life. That's why my approach to coaching takes all elements of you into consideration.


[noun]: A sweet spot in time when resources are plentiful and conditions are ideal - allowing for accelerated, bountiful creation within the hive.

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