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Tailored Services to Propel Your Success.

Discover an array of custom solutions designed to drive your business forward.

Focused woman in a coaching session, engaged on her laptop for 1:1 Private Coaching

Private 1:1 Coaching

Your entrepreneurial journey is as unique as you are. With Private 1:1 Coaching, I'm here to help you define what success looks like for you. Together, we'll navigate uncharted territories, acquire new skills, and explore fresh possibilities for your business. This personalized space is designed for focused growth, confident decision-making, and the expansion you've been yearning for.

What's included:
  • Bi-weekly, 75-Minute Deep-Dive Sessions: Tailored one-on-one sessions provide the platform to delve into your business challenges and opportunities and meet you exactly where you're at in the moment.

  • Check-Ins: Alternating weeks for continued accountability and momentum, ensuring progress towards your goals.

  • Spot Coaching: - Receive ongoing support between sessions through your personal online pod, addressing immediate needs and keeping you on track and supported along the journey.

Private 1:1 Coachin
Confident woman exploring Pricing Breakthrough Coaching insights and sharing them with her coach.

Pricing Breakthrough Coaching

Do you find yourself grappling with the challenge of defining the perfect pricing strategy for your service-based business?


With Pricing Breakthrough Coaching, we address the nuances of pricing, helping you conquer self-doubt and gain clarity and confidence in your approach. Let's navigate the pricing landscape together and unlock the potential for your business.

What's Included:
  • 3x 60 Minute, Private Coaching Sessions

  • Pre-Session Workbook: to prepare for and make the most of our sessions.

  • In-Session Whiteboarding: to visually map out strategies and leaving with a clear plan.

Pricing Breakthrough
Collaborative coaching environment: Women in a virtual group setting, connecting through Group Coaching in the Success Hive

Pocket Coaching

Pocket coaching is a great solution for the busy entrepreneur who wants to have the support of a coach but has a difficult time scheduling the time or struggles to maintain momentum in between sessions.

What's Included:
  • Initial Onboarding Call (Live on Zoom): A personalized session to get to know you and understand the context of your business and where you're at in your journey. 

  • Ongoing Coaching Support: Enjoy ongoing coaching support designed to empower you, assist in overcoming challenges, and keep you accountable—all at your convenience. With the flexibility of a month-to-month commitment, take control of your journey without any long-term obligation.

  • Unlimited Text and Voice Messages via Signal: Real-time guidance at your fingertips, addressing challenges as they arise.

  • Access to Resource Library: Explore a collection of tools and resources to enhance your entrepreneurial journey.

Pocket Coaching
On-the-go empowerment: Woman utilizing Pocket Coaching on her device for quick and convenient guidance.

Group Coaching & Mastermind

The Succes Hive brings together a small group of like-minded women and offers a space where your vision is met with excitement, challenges are faced head-on, vulnerability is mandatory, action is consistent and, accountability is real. 

What's included:
  • Bi-weekly group sessions: Engage in dynamic group discussions, sharing insights and challenges with your fellow hive members.

  • Personalized Coaching for Each Hive Member: Receive personalized coaching to address your specific needs and goals within the group dynamic.

  • Ongoing Connection and Support in a Private Online Hub: Stay connected between sessions, fostering a supportive community in a secure online space.

  • Access to Resource Library: Explore a collection of tools and resources to enhance your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Small Group Dynamics: Collaborate with a select group of women, embracing mutual support and collective growth. 

Group Coaching Mastermind

I'm grateful to be supported and feel a team effort on this.

So you know, I was just explaining to my husband how much I appreciated your message this morning. Having someone reach out and touch base with me regarding my biz feels so good. I'm grateful to be supported and feel a team effort on this.

Kate Q.

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