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Are you ready for next Quarter?

How can it be March already?!

I feel like I just recently finished taking down the holiday décor and drafting my vision board for 2022. How are we already wrapping up Q1 of 2022?! Do you have a set of rituals that you like to go through at the end of each quarter? I do now but, I haven't always. Especially if I knew deep down that I had been showing up ineffectively and inconsistently for the past 3 months. Like many things in life, my 'sweep it under the carpet' approach was only really helpful in avoiding reality and identifying needed changes.

After feeling that "Quarter Hangover" feeling long enough, I finally wised up. I came up with a system that would work for me instead of against me. My Quarter Close-Out Session is now a time that I look forward to and, it's proven to have lasting impacts on my business.

This quarterly session involves 8 key steps:

1. Book Out Space In My Calendar

2. Spend time Gathering My Data

3. Review My Vision Board

4. List Out Everything I've Done

5. Review My Big Goals

6. Explore My Profit & Loss Statement(s)

7. Create My Stop, Start, Continue & Change List

8. Building My Next Quarter Priority List

Going through this same sequence at the end of each quarter has been such a game-changer in my business. Mixing the hard data with some deeper reflection has created just the right mix for me. When I'm finished, I feel informed and empowered to enter the new quarter knowing that my daily actions are all aligned with my bigger vision.

If you'd like to implement my system into your own business, get your copy of my checklist that includes the specific tasks and questions that I complete for each of the 8 steps. ⬇ Purchase Below ⬇

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